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what is a chompy

couple of weeks ago my friend hal let us in on couple of words CHOMPY and Chingadera.
now as the story goes when ever he doesnt know the name of anything or anyone its a chompy or a chingadera. for example hand me over that chompy next to the chingadera
while residing the pledge of allegiance.
anyway use those words to the fullest and believe me you will feel smarter everytime you use them..
heres hal breaking his 3 year old kink light peg.

hals broken peg from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.
now for the real update.
first we got a chase dehart frame brand new cant even get that shit from dans yet. we got the exclusive.

if you want it come pick it up its a 20.5 shits hot.
here is a box-o-plegs that came in this week.

ive been riding 4 of these for almost 2 months now and since its winter i think i can get another 2 months but if its summer these things would be gone in a day from grinding so much. anyway come get some before i buy the whole box.
2 new hoodies from orchid and little devil, these are thick material, warm!

some new vids mega tour europe this is one of the best mega tours yet. click on them to see the trailers.
and the other is Take it or leave it. Its a documentary presented by Lotek about west coast pool riding. really good. Click for the trailer.

some colony pegs with built in chain tensioners witch i think iam gunna try. there really light cause they are machined on the inside so the top of the peg is thinner then then bottom. i just wanna know how they slide. probably better then plegs.
now some random randomness. Wanna Play
Shawn Marley
complete build vic did before BMX-mas

anyway thats it and i am done. but i wanna leave with some words of advice i heard some drunk dude say on the radio.
"we were all born naked and now were all wearing underwear"
i have no idea what thats mean.