I'm Going Back!!

In this time of instant information, I guess blogging is prehistoric in a sense. Well guess what, I still enjoy it and prefer it for that matter. I doubt my V-Logs would be very successful.
Sure we are all addicted to Instagram and FB but damn, lets take it back a notch. Is that possible? My brain hurts to think whats next in this world of technological advancements. Ill tell you one thing. Put your phones down and go for a long bike ride or a heavy session at the park. Take a step back, theres probably an app for that.

Everything comes full circle and I think pink will be making a comeback in BMX this year.
Pinkies are stoked.
We received a hefty Odyssey/Sunday restock this week. Sealed Trail Mix Pedals,Bahs Kid, Mark Burnett's Excelsior Frame in 20.75 Black and lots more.
And if you haven't watched the insanity in the Sunday VS Odyssey video. Go Watch Now!! 

The Terrible One Cyclops Stem is back in the shop after a years hiatus. These are up on the Circuit Web Store.
Only 2 left till next year or never again?

The S&M ATF has been in their lineup for some time now. This frame is built to handle any terrain. Park, Trails, Street, Wheelies, Skids-All of it!! You can pick it up on the Circuit Online Store or in the shop.

This Complete Bike is "Special". It even says it in its name. The Sunday Soundwave Special is one hell of a complete bike. This is a full aftermarket build, decked out with Odyssey and Sunday components.  $999.99 is a steal on this machine.

It has been a busy and difficult year for me. If you've been in the shop at all this year you were likely to see me on crutches or limping around. Ive spent most of it not being able to ride due to my knee being so arthritic that it doesn't work anymore. That should all change as of next week when I get a new knee. Ill be back on my bike in hopefully a year. I can't thank everyone enough for the support of the shop and for making our New England Scene what it is. We have something special here so lets work together and keep the positive energy flowing into 2018.


Hey y'all! 
Hope you all had a chance to enjoy this beautiful day off and got a chance to cruise.
We will be starting the weekend sale off tomorrow at 10AM with a 10-20% off of everything in the store. 
All Race Bikes and accessories will be 20% off.
All Freestyle bikes are 10%  off.
All parts and accessories will be 10-20% off.
All Clothing will be 10% off
All Special Orders will be 10% off. (No Shipping Fee)

Supporting your local shop = Supporting your local scene. 

I just want to give a huge shout out to everyone that attended the Roger Williams Jam. The turn out exceeded what we expected. We've received nothing but a positive response from what we have going on over there and excited continue the build on the site next season. 

Heres a shot from the high air contest at the jam. 
"Chris Childs" impersonator Cam Childs taking the gold.

We Be Jamming!!

The outdoor riding season is coming to an end. So why not have a big old weekend jam before the cold settles in.
This Saturday will be the Roger Williams Jam and Sunday is the Fifty Foe Jam at Cody Diggles place to raise some loot for the traveling trail dialer who recently snapped his femur at Posh. He is the new owner of some metal bones and a heaping pile of medical bills.
Details are on both flyers.
If you need more info please contact me in the shop.

Roger williams Jam will be a blast. We built up the jump line last Saturday but the recent storm beat it up pretty well. If you can come out before 11 please do. We will need help dialing in the pump track and jump line. Thanks

The Fifty Foe Benefit Jam at Cody Diggles will be going down this Sunday. (Rain or Shine) $10 donation to enter. All proceeds go to the man with a new femur. Call or email if you need directions.

Sorry for the lack of posts but its been so busy even during the slow season.
Did you know BMX sales are up 19% in the industry this year, thats good news. BMX is alive and well no matter what you're hearing. It can't be killed!!

Here's another thing you can't kill. The FBM CB4'ks are built to last. Looking for a fork you can trust? Here it is. These are up on the Circuit Webstore in Black or Clear. $5 Shipping anywhere in the U.S.

The perfect complement to the FBM Fork is this FBM Steadfast. 21.25 in Gloss Clear with transition friendly for blast the dirt ramps or the cement quarter pikes. This frame is up on the Circuit Webstore. All frames are $15 shipping anywhere in the U.S.

The S-1 Retro Full Cut helmets are in the shop. Ive been hearing about these for 2 years and they have finally been released. It was worth the wait because these helmets are rad.

Always stoked to get a restock of the DRG Quadsaw Sprockets. We have 28-33 with 19,22 spline drive and 19,22 bolt drive. Pick one!!

LlIts almost that time of year. BMX-Ma's insanity is right around the corner. We will be totally stocked up with everything you could imagine including the 2018 We The People Complete.
The Reason Complete may be a hard one to keep in the shop. That Purple is AWESOME!!

 Remember when it was warm and you were riding shirtless in the woods? See you next year summer. Heres Dwayne Scruton at Oakwoods Jam not to long ago with that classic MOD Style!!

(Complete) Bike Life!!

Ive been drowning in that Complete Bike Life. Next thing you know we'll be stocking those wheelie machines in here. NAAAA!!
 We have all the 2018 Fit Completes in stock and on the floor. These are moving faster than usual so keeping the full line in stock is going to be difficult. We already received one restock on some of the fast sellers.

Come on in and take a spin.

So here we go with a few of the 2018 Fit Completes we have in stock. 
The 2018 Fit Aitken is a 26" BMX bike this year. You could probably do a wheelie on this thing but its mainly built for cruising. This bike is full Cro-Mo all the way around and has a high pressure (110 PSI) Speedball Tire on it. Needless to say, its badass. $579.99

From big to little. The 2018 Fit 18" completes are looking sharp this year. With two color options I'm sure you'll find one that will satisfy the lil shredder on the hunt for a new rig.
Chrome and Teal is an eye catcher. $369.99

The 2018 Jordan Hango has that classic look to it. Fit upgraded all their $400 completes to have full Cro-Mo frames,forks,cranks and bars this year and I believe they are the only brand offering such features on their 2018 line for the price.

Hey man we are all over the place with these sizes here. 26",18" now we are at some 22" wheels. The Brian Foster 22"  is ready to rip. Built for the taller rider (6' plus) that still wants to rip the trails or park. This machine loves the woods!! $579.99

Who likes going backwards? The backwards man?  If you want to give it a shot this Fit Begin Signature is freecoaster equipped. $579.99.

My personal favorite in the 2018 Fit line is this sweet ride. Its built to just sit there and look cool. The Fit Homie is paying homage to the S&M Holmes. Complete with replica decals and the Shawn Mac bar pad. This bike is just rad. $479.99

Another bike that has been moving fast. The Austin Augie Signature (AA) complete. This bike comes with a how to Vlog DVD(Not True) and it tastes different than the other bikes.

Speaking of Vlog-ing. Diggle had a night jam last week. Did you make it? Too bad cause it was rad. Huge turnout with three days notice. The power of social media and the Vlog. Psshheww..
Phhoto-Johnny No Shirt.

Fall Is Here!!

Sorry for the lack of updates on here but I've been staying busy in the shop so you know how that goes. Any who, heres whats up for some new notable items at Circuit.

The Garrett Byrnes " Coming Down" Documentary by Stew Johnson is a true masterpiece. It has everything I love about Bmx, pure passion and raw emotion!! Its a must have. We have copies left in the shop and on the Circuit Web Store.

 We have been blowing through frames all summer. Here are a few that we had in the shop for a day or two and sold. So I decided to restock on them. Also iI wanted to mention that all frames up on the Circuit Web Store are $15 flat shipping nationwide. 

The Sunday Soundwave V2 is a solid machine. Built for all terrains, this baby will keep you rolling for years to come.  This is a 20.75 at $379.99 with a lifetime warranty. We also have a black 21" in stock. Both these farm are on the Circuit Web Store.

Here is another frame that only lasted a day in the shop. The Cult Dak V3 in Black Petina. This is a 21" TT frame with invest cast dropouts and seat stay bridge. Good enough for Dak, good enough for anyone! $349.99

The BSD ALVX frame in Digi Camo is new to the shop. The Alex Donnachie frame is your super tech street frame with the steep head tube and short rear end. There were only a few of these released in the U.S. This is a 20.8 frame and is priced at $349.99

The Holy Grail of trails frames. The FBM Steadfast is built to blast and built to last. This frame has been in the FBM line for 5 years now and will hopefully be around for many more. The latest version has a taller standover height (9.25) and a head tube at 74.25. This stable steed is ready to hit and jump or tranny in its path. 21" priced at $369.99

We have all the 2018 Fit Complete Bikes in the shop. I can't post them all here but this Mac Sig is my favorite. The S&M (Shawn Mac) pad and Holmes inspired decals set it off.
Go to our Facebook for all the bikes we have on the floor. We will have the rest built up in the next few days.

The Nore Cup Video of the year is in the shop Etnies Chapters. Some incredible riding in this DVD and its only $6.

Hey, who's that up there? Oh, thats the Nora Cup Trail Rider of the Year, Cody Diggle. 

You Bike??

Oh hey! Whats up? You bike? Well you're in luck because we have about 40-50 complete bikes on the floor at the moment. We have 2018 complete bikes in stock from Cult, Kink, Subrosa and Sunday. We will have the 2018 Fit Bike line on the floor in the next week or two. 
 Its the season to get out and get rad. Fall is arguably the best time to ride some bikes. Cool air, moist soil and good vibes. Come pick up a 2018 complete bike and get riding!!

Here are a few 2018 bikes we have on the floor starting with some Subrosa Completes.
The 2018 Tiro is the perfect entry level complete. Priced at $349.99 with a sealed cassette hub,BB and headset. This bike will be rolling fast and smooth for many seasons to come.

The Tiro XL is a 21" Top Tube Bike that's built for the younger, taller rider. This bike will get you rolling with out breaking the bank.  $349.99

The 2018 Subrosa Malum Park is a looker. Equipped with a gyro and modern day park geometry this bike will get you spinning, whipping and flipping just like your favorite pro rider.

The 2018 Cult Bikes have arrived as well. Here is the Gateway Jr. in gloss raw. Another entry level bike priced at $329.99.

Really digging the Trans Blue on this 2018 Gateway. Fully sealed from top to bottom. Come on in and kick the tires why don't ya. $399.99

The meanest machine in the 2018 Cult complete bike line. The Devotion in patina green. This bike is fully sealed and full chromoly frame and fork. $539.99

From Sea Level!!

Once again we did it. I got a crew of like minded dudes to meet up in Colorado and spend a week in the mountains with no plans or direction except to ride some BMX,camp,explore and make some amazing memories together. It went off with out a hitch. I knew I wouldn't be riding much if not at all this trip due to my knee needing a replacement but I still decided to make the trip happen and record the times we had. I want to thank everyone that agreed to come along and and Krispy for helping us in a bind the last few nights of the trip.

Needless to say I'll be heading back to Colorado once I'm back in running order.
Here are a few pictures from the journey and hopefully a short edit will come out of this in the next few weeks.

11 dudes well above sea level.

Henny getting us all stoked and buzzing some leaves at Boulder Park.

First night of camping out in Winter Park.
 Camp 2 meets Camp 1 = Cosmic Waves by Eric Hennessey!!

Adam Spitalny is a machine.!Every session he's usually the first one on the bike and the last one off the bike. He will also make you bust your gut around the camp fire.

This was probably the best night of the trip. The next morning my face hurt from laughing so much.

Your boy "Fred" striving to be the best he can be. Regular/Opposite Table out of a steep bank at Fairplay Park.  Thats all I have for now but stay tuned for a trip edit.


We have the 2018 Sunday Completes arriving today. You know people are stoked because we are selling some models before the arrive.

These will go fast so we will have a restock at the end of the month.

Here are a few models that will be on the floor this weekend.




This is just a small sample of whats coming in. You can check out the full line here.

We Did It!!

Well I can finally say I'm glad thats over, but am I? I was dreading the day of the 10 year party all the way up until the day of and now that its over I want to do it all again. Circuit actually turns 11 this November but i wanted to do a party during the summer months.  Looks like we will do another next year and make it bigger an better.

I want to send a huge thank you to everyone that came out to the party.
We do this all for you and for BMX!!
Thank you to the News Cafe for letting it happen.
Thank you to the crew for setting everything up.(Cody,Bob,Bundles,Eddie,Josh,Maston,Nick,Ect...)
Thank you to my Moms for cooking some food.
Thank you to Fox Fires and Throne of Saturn for bringing the jams.
Thank you to DJ Step Down for playing the funk and setting the dance party off.
And thanks to my business partner and wife for her countless hours of behind the scenes work.

Here are a few photos from TL of the lot jam.
I wasn't able to take any because I was hobbling around.

Our buddy JT blasted out this rad plaque for the Foot Down Comp.
Congrats to Josh from ATX on the win.

When the Pork loses its seat its time to break out the Gorilla tape.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for this dude.
Big shout to Cody Diggle for his time and dedication to BMX!!

Broc Raiford came out to destroy everyone in the Pork Challenge.
The outcome was as expected. Thanks for hanging out Broc.

For those who left early, we went well into the night. We closed the bar out and continued from there. Pawtucket is another planet at 3AM.
Photo- Scott Lamoureux

We premiered the Bundles edit later in the night. If you missed it then have a watch here.

Bundles Edit V2 from scott lamoureux on Vimeo.

I spent some time going through years of photos I have accumulated. I came up with this 30 minute slide show. Take a look and see what we've been up to the past 10 years.

Circuit Ten Year Party from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

Hey! It’s Cara here. I only venture onto this blog every now and then when I have something important to tell you!

It means so much to me that you all travelled from all over to come to the party. Your presence shows your love of this scene that we are all a part of. And it’s a testament to the type of people you are. You all make wonderful friends.

It takes a village to support and sustain a BMX bike shop in the smallest state for ten years. It takes friends coming to your aid every single time you move your business to a larger location (4 total), it takes friends coming to lend you their stuff: power tools to build ramps, install lights, or to lend you a projector. It takes dedicated friends to help you paint your new store, build a public bike park, ride at an event for you. And it takes really rad folks to work at the shop for the tiniest wage a small mom-and-shop can afford to pay you. Circuit is only here today because of the help of so many people throughout the years. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way. You helped create one of the best BMX scenes ever, and supported our family for ten straight years. I can only hope the years of riding, trips, and tune-ups have been enough to repay you.

On a personal level, I’m grateful for Circuit and the scene it supports because you guys are my tribe. The sense of camaraderie and acceptance this scene has given me is magical. I'm so grateful for the fun years it has given me.

Circuit may be getting older but we are not growing up. Even though you might have adult responsibilities, if you’re still thinking about that little bike and when you can get on it next, you are one of us.

Special shout-out to Emerson, Zack, Sleeper, Kyle Amidon (RIP), Bobby, Dom, Hennessey, Cody, Chris, Mark D and many many more.

- Cara