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Does something look different around here? Hey now, we have a new site! We've been working on this for the past few months and will be making some tweaks here and there in the next few weeks. So keep an eye open and feel free to give us some input. Another thing you may have noticed is that we have the webstore option back up. We are hoping to get that dialed in by Cranksgiving and hope some of you get to use for the holiday season ahead.

At the moment the shop is stocked with 2017 Complete Bikes from Cult, Fit, Kink, Subrosa and Sunday. We will be bringing in some bike from We The People and Verde for the holiday season. If we don't have a model you are looking for in stock we are always happy to special order it for you. All of our complete bikes come with free lifetime service! Come take one for a rip around the lot.

The 2017 Cult Completes are dialed as usual.

Here is the 2017 Gateway in Trans Red. You can't go wrong with this color!!


The 2017 Cult Control in Gloss Tan is a 90's throwback. I dig the 90's.


The 2017 Cult Devotion in Trans Gold is begging for your attention. It needs to be ridden!!

Are you devoted to it or is it devoted to you? Or Both?


We have a few new Sunday Frames in stock. The Street Sweeper in Trans Purple 20.75 and the Soundwave V2 in Toothpaste, 21".

Both are limited colors that they are sold out of and won't be running again. What's next?

Its been some time since we have had FBM CB4k's in the shop. They are back in black and gloss raw.

If you're looking for a fork that will last you years, look no further.

If you are looking for a kit deal, we will do the frame and fork combo for 10% off.

FBM Frames in stock-Gypsy V3, Tan 21",Gypsy V3, Trans Purple 20.75 and Hardway V2, Black 20.75.

This is Ray Rankin getting rad on his new FBM built Circuit Frame! Photo-Justin Haynie

We have one Circuit Frame left in the shop. Gloss Raw in 21"TT.

Posted Up!!

Can you tell how busy I've been? It has been almost a month since I've done a blog post, that never happens! Things have been nonstop lately. I feel like I could do a few posts a week with all that has been happening. Lots of sessions, lots of travel and lots of fun!!

Here are a couple of photos from the last couple of weekends of fun

Dr.Pinzon laying one flat at the Foundation in Asheville hours before he tied the knot.

Night session at the Diggle compound. Enough Said!!

On to the business side of things. BIKES!!
We are fully stocked on 2017 Fit Complete Bikes. The Complete Bikes Page is updated with our current stock.
All Level 1 and up models come with Removable Brake Mounts.A new upgrade for the 2017 Fit Bikes. 

Here is one my my favorites. The Brian Foster 22" Complete Bike. This machine is built with the taller rider in mind that still wants that responsive feeling of a 20" bike. I have a feeling we will start to see other brands follow suit on the 22" Complete Bike. $539.99

Here is the 2017 Fit Park model. The Gyro is making a comeback people. With the amount of Gyros we sell and install every week it's no surprise. Spin to Win!! $369.99

The 2017 Dugan 1 in Orange Red is one hot looking bike. $399.99

The 2017 Dugan 1 in Trans Black is just as rad. Both Level 1 Dugan Completes are Left Side Drive. $399.99

The 2017 Begin 1 is Free Coaster equipped. Priced at $439.99, you will be able to impress everyone on your block by riding backwards effortlessly.

One of the sharpest looking bikes in the 2017 Fit line is the Nordstrom 1 Black and Teal. Fully sealed and looking clean.

The 2017 Mac 1 has all the details. Red bar ends to match the Red Striped Fit Tires. It's a looker. $399.99

I'm saving the best color for last. The 2017 Mac 1 in Trans Teal. I would be ok with every model in this colorway. It just looks that good. $399.99

This is just a small portion of whats is on the floor for 2017 Fit Complete Bikes. We have them all!!
We will have 2017 Cult Complete bikes arriving Mid October.