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Things to do and other stuff..

I'm sure at one point or another you have said to a friend while riding," dude how sweet would it be to have your own private Bike Park" Well if you wanna know what thats like then head to The Ramp Farm this Saturday April 5th from noon till ??? and cruise a park without some white haired dude telling you "Hey! you cant ride that" Oh ya and meet Peter from Ramp Farm!The one thing I recommend is that if you are heading there for the first time and aren't use to large groups of riders then go for the earlier portion of the jam. Noon till 6 should be pretty mellow.(Parents this is a private park and after 6 this will be like bringing your kids to a keg party) Feel free to call Circuit or Burger for directions.

Next on the list of things to do would be the Circuit 1 Year Anniversary and Grand Re-opening Party on Saturday April 19th. I talked to Hennessey the other day and confirmed that The Snake Hunters will be playing the party along with The Ones and The Tombstones. Also big thanks to everyone for getting their photos in on time for the photo show. They look awesome! Heres a list of the contributors- Steve Crandall, Walter Perringer, Jody Stoddard, Jeff Allen, Sean Ryan, Nick Ferreira. There will also be food and beverages provided. 7-??? Come celebrate an awesome year for New England BMX.

Just received plenty of new items in the shop..
Odyssey Electrical DVD(good stuff)
Props 68
Limited Edition Odyssey Levers(copper,white,black chrome,teal)
Profile case is full
Pleg Sleeves
Restock on Fit and Revenge tires
WTP Grips(Brennan and Rombus)
Fit seats
Fit Shirts
Fit Sky Hi bars
S&M grand Slams
Fit Cleveland Frame(21)
WTP Lo-Fi (21 1/4)
FBM Coozies
FBM Hub Guards( all colors)
Spring Loteks and Orchids soon.