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Summer is over!! Thats what most people think when September rolls around but thats fine because the temps should be cooling down and the action should be picking up. Fall is usually perfect riding weather. Get out and enjoy while you can.

This is my favorite time of year in the shop. The Summer rush is over and the shop is fully stocked with everything BMX has to offer. The floor is at capacity with over 45 bikes from balance, freestyle, race, to even a few Fairdale Completes. 12-26" to 700c we have it covered.

There are a few Fall event planned for this month.
First off, we will be setting up some ramps, grind boxes in Downtown Pawtucket on Saturday September 22nd for the Pawtucket Arts Festival.
Check the Flyer---

Then we have the Oakwoods Trail Jam where we will be hosting the High Air Comp. Go Big!!

And on September 30th the infamous B-Cave BoyZZ will be hosting the Prov Park Jam with special guest TBA!!

Here are a few of the new 2019 models we have in stock.
The 2019 Fit Completes have arrived and the are dialed as usual.

Here's the 2019 Fit Hango Model in 21" TT . Full Chromoly setup for $479.99

Another stand out in the 2019 Fit Line. The Corriere model in 20.5" TT, Freecoaster equipped and full Chromoly for $539.99

Wow!! Definitely my favorite bike in the 2019 Fit Bike line. The Fit 22" complete with the classic S&M Dirt Bike rip off sticker kit. Don't feel right on a 20"? But still want to shred like you're on one. This is your bike. $579.99

Another model that stands out and works for the taller rider 6.0"ft and up. The Harti Trails model is built for transition riding. The perfect pump track bike. $419.99

More of a park rider? Trying to get your tail whips and barspins down? The park model has a specific geometry to help you do that and is gyro equipped so no need to remove your brakes once that straight cable snaps. $399.99

The 2018 FBM Steadfast have arrived in the shop. We have them on the Circuit Webstore as well. These only come around once or twice a year so I don't have to tell you to act fast.

Looking to do more than just ride your BMX bike all day everyday. Take a cruise into the wild on a Fairdale. These bikes are just as fun but in a different way.

The 2019 Fairdale Flyer is built for all terrains, dirt, pavement, etc... with a 26" tire you can do more!!

The 2019 Fairdale Lookfar is built for just about any terrain. The 700x42c will keep your speed up on pavement while the fatter tire will allow you to take it on some dirt roads as well.

Weekend at Marleys = Best Day Ever Ked!!
Hennecheach getting well out the vert wall.
Is that an opposite table??