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Another New Deah!!

And there its goes 2014 is in the books!! This past year has brought lots of changes around these parts and few guys in the crew walked/hobbled away with some pretty serious injuries. All in all it was a packed year with lots of laughs and plenty of life long memories. Here are a few videos from 2014 to remember how awesome it was. Thank you all for your support and see you next Year!!

We started off Spring time with the Circuit/B-Cave Prov Park Jam. Seeing everyone come together just to cruise their favorite park is a good site. We will be doing this again in April of 15!!

2014 might have been one of the driest Summers we've experienced in quite a while but we got plenty of hours in the woods. Blown out landings and dusty trains will not stop us.

Circuit BMX 14 from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

It was that time of year again, time to host the B-cave Video for 2014. This years offering from the crew was no different than 2013s video. It ruled, everyone had killer parts and it was a pleasure to host such a great group of "Bad Friends"
B-Cave "Bad Friends" Video put together by Chris Childs.

I ended up putting a video slideshow together instead of posting photos of this years adventures. Thanks to everyone that made this year possible and thanks for your continued support in making this place what it is.
Im hoping 2015 looks as good as this.

2014 in photos from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

Other awesome happenings around the R.I. BMX Scene that went on this year.

The D(ucharme) had a imaginative write up about Prov Park up on The Least Most.
This dude started working at the shop!!
Tarbell had a rad photo gallery on Least Most with some shop dudes and N.E. Spots.
Circuit BMX Turned 8 years old.

2015 is going to Kick Ass!!

We have new Circuit Anchor Frames being built by the FBM Machine shop in 15!!
We will be vending at Woodland BMX Track for all of the 2015 Season and stocking a full BMX Race Inventory for 2015.


We have been going through a good amount of bikes lately so our complete bike inventory is constantly changing. If you are looking for a new bike and we dont have it in stock it would be best to get your order in this week to assure its here before BMX-Mas.

Here are a few new models that we received this week.
The 2015 Fit Aitken 2 in Trans Gold has to be one of the sharpest looking bikes out there. 
$469.99. The Fit Mac 2 in Gloss Black is also on the floor and another sharp looking machine. 

here is another new model for the floor. The Sunday Alex Magallan Ex Plus in Trans Green is one of my favorites this year. $589.99
We have a load of new frames on the shelves!! Here is one of them. The FBM Angel Of Death Reissue Frame. I rode one of these back in 98. I wish my version weighed as much as this one. 8lb frames are thing of the past thankfully. We have this frame in Raw(21) and Black(20.75). This frame has an updated geometry for modern street/park riding. We also have a FBM Bellwitch in Raw(21).

Other New Frames In the Shop:
S&M Tall Boy Raw(21) 354.99
Unite Mothership Real Tree Camo(20.8)-379.99
United G-Slat Trans Blue(21) 299.99
Sunday MotoRoss Orange (21) 350.00

We've been keeping the cases full with all the latest items. Here are some new Sunday Freeze TL Stems in Trans Red,Blue and Black.  $29.99 

The Madera Celestial Hubs went quick last week but we have another set in the shop and the Odyssey Galaxy seats and pedals should be here right before X-Mas.

Camo has been all the rage for the past year and you can pretty much build up a Custom Camo Bike. We have everything you need here. Profile is helping you get that done with these new Mulville Signature Camo parts. Elite Hubs,SS Mini Hubs, Push stem and Spline Drive Sprockets. 

More Camo!! These would look sick on your Camo Bike!!
Deco Seats and Pedals ready for action.

Free Service!!

When I started Circuit BMX 8 years ago I thought of the best ways to keep your bike rolling smooth and worry free. Our service plan on completes and wheels assures that your bike will run smooth for years to come. More info here.

 We have always stood behind our service plans on complete bikes and custom built wheels. So here is a reminder of what we offer when you purchase a bike or custom wheels from us. (FYI) stripped nuts and bolts, missing parts and broken spokes are not included in the free service plan.

Here is another major perk of getting your custom built wheels here. Thank you for all the support over the years and during this holiday season.

Bad Friends=Best Friends!!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the B-Cave "Bad Friends" Premiere.
The kids did it again and put together an amazing video in a years time.
Mr. Childs put together a pretty entertaining video and hopefully it will be up online soon.

We have been slowly dialing in the new location and have been really focusing on building the race inventory. Here are a few pictures of the new setup, come take a look for yourself if you haven't had the chance to get in here.
Thanks to the crew for helping get everything moved and helping me in the past few weeks getting everything in place. 
I love you people!!

We have been slowly building up our race inventory and expect to be fully dialed in come late winter early spring.We will be stocking the best names in BMX Racing Bikes and components.
 Riders Ready!!

The new shop lounge has been getting some heavy use lately. Stop in and watch your favorite video.

 Our service area is twice the size and we will be adding another workbench for the Spring/Summer hours. We also have a D.I.Y. flat repair station.

Dialed In!!

We are finally getting to the point where I'm feeling comfortable in the new Circuit location. I hope you all come out for the sale this weekend and give us some feedback on the new spot.

We will be stocked up with all the goods!! And If we don't have it in stock we will order it for you.
And dont forget about the B-Cave "Bad Friends" Video Premiere Party Friday Night at 8pm.

BMX isn't really about riding bikes. Its about laughing with your friends!!

Still here!!

Sorry I've been lacking on the blog posts. I've been busting my hump getting the new shop dialed in. I will have a detailed post up in the next week with plenty of photos. Thanks for all the support and patience during this process.

We will be having a 10% off everything Sale Cranksgiving Weekend. 28,29,30.

I leave you with the Diggle dialage!!
Photo by Jake Owen

This Is A Blog Post.

Today is the last day of October. That means Tomorrow starts November and then daylight savings time and the downward spiral continues!! But on the bright side we will be in our new space Tuesday the 4th. Please be patient while we get things dialed in. I think you will all be pleased with the outcome.

We have a few new bikes in the shop.
Here is the 2015 Stranger Crux Complete. This bike is priced at $579.99 but it looks like $1000.00 Bike. Stacked with aftermarket parts its definitely not to be overlooked.

2015 Cult Completes are in the shop also. Here is the AK Sig.This is another bike that could easily be a custom build but priced at $539.99.

One of the raddest looking bikes I've seen in a bit!! The 2015 Cult Dak Sig is simple and clean. Full Chromoly and fully sealed. $539.99

 Here is a custom build we did last week for Tyler Wilson. Always cool to see generations of BMX in one name. S&M Credence M.O.D with an assortment of Profile Components.

Restock on Merritt some goods that we have been out of for a while now.
Stems should be back next week.

This may look like a normal table air but its actually a pocket tabe. I imagine Bobby eats lots of cereal with no milk which makes this possible for him.

Down Time!!

Being hurt sucks!! That means I'm not able to be on my bike and thats when I start to lose my marbles. Riding or having a shovel in the ground, two things that clear the mind but that doesn't mean I'm missing out on the fun. If I can't ride than being around my friends while they're riding is just as good.
Thanks to all the dudes for a great weekend.

Having Nick here for a few days was rad but not long enough We will rendezvous soon my friend!!

Finally!! FBM CB4'Ks are back in the shop. We also restocked on FBM U.S Apes and the new Supernaut Sprockets 25-30. 

If you have an Iphone5/5s than I suggest picking one of these new Deathlens phone case/lenses up for your next edit dropping at midnight. The Wide Angle $20 and the Fish Eye is $35.

We received a few of these Cult Stash Bags. These bags are super light and can fit a good amount in them. Ive been using one for 15 years.(Not Cult)$29.99

Keep it in the woods!!

Here is a rundown of what is showing up this week.

2015 Cult Dak and Ak Bikes
2015 Stranger Crux Complete Bike
Cult Chase Hawk V3 20.75 Trans Green

Get it in!!

Now is the time, its do or dont. The leaves are falling the temps are cooling but that doesn't mean we won't be at the park riding when it's 23 degrees out. Its just means get it in now while its still warm enough to be comfortable.

"Dudezinthewoods" are getting it in. Cody spins a 3 while "Henn of the Woods" catches his wind.

 We've also been "getting it in" in a different way. Lots of new items arriving daily in the shop.
These new Etnies Chase Hawk shoes are Re(A)d.  We have them in sizes 9.5-11.

Do you like riding street? Do you like grinding on a daily basis? Than I'm sure you're familiar with the Daily Grind Bike Co. out of Ohio. These products are built for abuse!! We also have a few T-Shirts from them. 
Century Bars,Millenium Guard Sprockets and Hub Guards with a 2 year warranty!!

Here's a new complete for the floor.
The 2015 Colony Emerge is an entry level bike priced at $369.99.

We have a limited run of the Circuit Anchor Pull Over Hoodies in the shop.The Anchor is on the back. We did 25 of these and then we will have a new design come late November. These are already going quick!!

Fits "Holy Fit" DVD is in the shop. We have 10 copies of this masterpiece for sale, $20 gets you a killer DVD and 200 page photo book worth owning.

We have a couple of new Fit and S&M Frames in the shop. The S&M Tall Boy(Charles Crum)Frame  in Trans Gold (21TT). We also have the Fit Savage (Dan Conway) Frame and Bars in the shop. This frame is Trans Green and 20.75.

NEJC 3!!

Theres nothing better than a BMX Jam on a sunny day. And finally New England Jam Chowda had that sunny day for goodbye. Really psyched on how these always come together and the amount of people that come out for them. Thanks to Chuck and his crew for doing all the leg work on making this happen. The jams don't stop here. By supporting your local scene and shops you grow a tight-knit community like we have and I must say New England has one of the tightest BMX communities in the country.

Heres a small portion of the what BMX looks like here in New England.

Another thing that I love about NEJC is having loads of friends in town for days. This was Mulville's first NEJC but not his first visit to the area. Mark is very familiar with these parts as he tends to visit every summer. Here he is T-Boggan on Bernicky!!

Im stoked anytime I have a chance to hang out with Darryl. Nothing but positive energy!!

We had some great times at Prov Park while Matt,Chad and Mark were in town.
Thanks to Profile Racing for sending them out.
Here's one of Bobby P that Coplon snapped. Pocket Air at height!!

I wasn't able to take many photos at NEJC but I did catch some tree mod action that Henny,Cody and Jack slapped together.. Here's Henny roasting his own creation.

Thanks to everyone that came by the Circuit Tent and said hello, grabbed some stickers, postcards or purchased a shirt or hat. We still have some "Spots" Shirts left and a few 3/4 Sleeve Shovel Shirts left too. We will have more hats and sweatshirts in the shop next week.

NEJC Reminder!!

New England Jam Chowda is this Sunday, September 28th!! We will be closed(Sunday the 28th) for this event so if you're in need of some goods or want to dial in the rig for the shindig I suggest you stop in this week.

 We may or may not have some shirts for sale at the Circuit Tent??
Hope to see you all there!!


Being here day in and day out I don't get as much time on my bike as I would like but I consider the time I do get on my bike to be quality time. Whether it be one or two days a week, there is no better feeling than being in the woods with a good crew. Hearing the slap of a shovel or just the sound of some tires ripping off a lip. There is nothing more gratifying than these simple pleasures of riding what you build. Today someone asked me why they never see me at the park. My time is limited and its needs to be spent defying gravity in the woods.

Henny is one of the best dudes the define defying gravity. 3 Turndown on Main!!

We have lots of new goods in the shop past 2 weeks. We are always stocked with the latest from all the top brands!!

Check this "lil" machine out. The United Recruit 12". Who wouldn't want to see their kids ripping around on this bike.

I made it out to the FBM 21st B-Day Party to hang out with all the dudes. FBM is BMX in my opinion, support a brand that is the core of what we love to do. Ride bikes, build friendships and live life laughing!! 
I grabbed some restock items while I was out there. Get some!!

Demolition just released the new Rig tire and we have them here along with a restock on Momentum and Machete Tires in 2.4. There is a rubber for every terrain here!

Colony has been getting fancy with rims lately and here is the latest offering. How did Bone Deth not jump on this one? Colony Leopard rims are here and now there gone but they will be here again next week.

 Usually Tree is dropping some redesigned product that turns some heads. Nothing to see here, just some Tree Seat Posts to go with the most comfortable Pivotal Seat on the market. Tree Ergo Seats are back in stock.

New England Jam Chowda is next Sunday the 28th. Be there!! We will have lots of new shirts Hats and Hoodies for sale. See you all there!!