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Sit Down and Hold on Tight!!!

Lots going on around here lately.. Halloween is closing in and it looks like its gonna be a warm one.. Get out and cruise for sure and watch out for them flying eggs.. Does that even happen anymore? Ive got some stories!!
Anyway, if anyone is interested in Fit Eddie V3 frames(American Made) let me know, I'm pretty sure they are shipping this week.. And finally SandM Pitchfork XLT with tapered legs and built in crown races(Also American Made)are in production and should be around in the next few weeks.. Lots of new seats and bars in this week.. Get on it!!

Chrome SandM XLT bars are back(Race,Slam and Grand Slam)

New Macneil Pivotal Seats..

Restock on all Shadow Seats - rail and pivotal..

Who wants a deal on a Mutiny Loosefer 2.0 Frame and Glam V2 Bars??

Wow!! Sean Marley Sighting!!! Blending in..

Spline Driving!!

Fall Orchids are here.. Check them out!!

New Animal Hats Dude..

Profile Spline Drive Sprockets.. Yes to 48 spline!!

If need some help on having fun.. Check out Andrew Burtons Blog..
Im so happy this is back up..


If you dont know what it means click here. It also means FBM is releasing a new line of 2010 frames and The Steadfast being their trails specific frame with all the bells and whistles..
Check out the sweet flipbook they put together to get us all psyched for spring, cause winter is creeping up quick and it sucks.
While I'm on the topic of FBM and trails check out this vimeo of John Lee from Oak Park Trails in 99.. What were you doing 10 years ago??

Oak Park 1999 - full version from tom on Vimeo.

Oak Park 1999 - Features John Lee, Reid Carleton, Mike Cameratta (Darookie)

Picked up some Holeshot coozies from Nick while I was out west.. Come by and pick one up. It will keep keep your beer cold!!!


Round 2!!

Here are some more L.A. pics.. Good times were had.. See you boys next time wherever that might be??

Dave Dude salting up this ledge..

Recipe for a good night out!!

Then this happened--Chair rides down a narrow hallway to broken camera..

Conall going for the high mark and of course "Putting on a Clinic"

Mckinney and Moeller hooked it up.. Thanks Guys.. If you didnt know already-- Support S&M..

Ya.. It definitely feels good to be home..

Profile spline drive sprockets
are on the way.. They looking good too!!
Get your runs in cause its not getting any warmer..

Putting On A Clinic!!

Just got back from L.A. for one of my best buds weddings and it was an event to remember.. Congrats to Luis and Lindsey!!!
Good things about L.A.
Its warm and sunny!
Bad things about L.A.
No Trees..
Couldn't find one good ice coffee..
Almost every spot is a bust..
To dry for trails..

Here are a few pics from Big Sur!! Ill have some L.A. pics up once i get a new camera, we broke mine riding a office chair.

We usually roll pretty deep!!

The German tourists were not psyched when Jeremy Lowe tried taking this lil critter with us..

Albright Trolley Service is fully operational..

Tunnel Vision!!!!

Green Man made a few appearances throughout the week!!

Nick Ferreira has some serious dance moves.. He was "putting on a clinic" on the floor..

Kink completes will be here this week and FBM completes will be around next week..
Fits are going quick but we have more on the way, dont worry!!

autumn in new england

vics soaking up the sun in california missing out on the amazing weather in new england so i figured i would post something up on this while he is here it is. new england bmx legend and long time friend of circuit bmx,matt branscomb, has a photo website with some awesome pictures much like the one below of sean rudzinski AND RUBY!..check it out because matty rules!!



Perfect Timing!!

Its not even that cold yet but I'll be heading out to Cali.. for the next couple weeks. There is definitely a chill in the air already so this is perfect timing. Circuit will be open its regular hours so come on by and say hello to Dom or Kial. We still have a good selection of Fit Completes but they are moving fast so if you got your eye on one get it quick..More Verde Eons should be showing up this week also..

Rhode Island has a BMX track again so if any of you out there are into pedaling as fast as you can and putting someone over a turn or two, check out Woodland BMX , they will be racing until the ground freezes..

Madera Graffiti crank sets are here..

The man behind the art on the Madera Graffiti kits..Dude Mcdermott!!

Pinzon will be hosting the Cali extravaganza.. Should be nothing short of interesting..

I'll be missing this while I'm away!!