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Six Pack!!!!

The year is 2010!! Ouch, time flies when you ride bikes.. Can you ride BMX with a fake knee? Only time will tell.. People come and go, parks come and go,trails come and go but your bike is always there don't neglect it, this bikes not gonna ride itself..
More new goods from FBM Bike Co.. Double Fister Grips, Crown Royal2 Top Load Stem and Sixer Sprockets.. I sensing a theme here.. Get some and renegade your favorite brew!!!

New FBM Pivotals are super soft for those days your nursing that hangover and just sitting around on your bike instead of shredding..

New stuff from Deluxe.. The Pom Pom Sprockets are unreal..

Hey Restock on Cult Goods..

Ok so this is some pretty big news.. We finally have a legit Skate Park back in Rhode Island.. Kenny and the guys at Greenside Skate Park in Middletown are opening their doors to BMXers on Tuesday August 3rd from 6-9 for a trial BMX night. Just remember that this is a trial night so it would be awesome to show up in force and let them know that there is a demand to have one if not two bike nights per week at their park. There will be some regulations that will be STRICTLY enforced. The main one being, NO PEGS in the bowl!!!!! If you are caught riding your pegs in the bowl you will be immediately rejected from the park no questions asked. Please respect this rule and we will have this amazing park to ride.. Hope to see you all there..


Greenside Skatepark, Click here for waiver download if your under 18..

Ride or Die!!!

The weather has been crazy lately. Its like we have a T-storm on a daily basis for the past week. I dig a good T-storm!!
Lots been going on around here, We will have a full shipment of completes rolling through the doors in the next few weeks. More Kink 2011 Completes along with 2011 Subrosa Completes.

Animal is always releasing something new. Here is this weeks offering.New Backpack and Tee.

Here are some new Fly Bikes seats also.. They look comfy. These are railed for all you pivotal haters like myself.. Got some more Alta stems too!!

The boys at FBM were nice enough to re-release the "Blow up you Car" Tee and a few others along with a couple hats. Tear the sleeves off these things and go shred your face off!!!

Jake has been roasting everything in his sights along with this dub on the reverse line..

Bring It On!!!!

We just got in a whole load of new products from the following brands.

Mutiny Glam(roid) Bars and Wand Forks
Shadow Scream sprockets
FBM Bottleneck Stem V2 and T-shirts
S&M Hooder Bars and Chrome Pitchfork XLT-T

Banned(4 Life)DVDs. Check out the trailer..

Banned 4 Life DVD 'trailer from Banned Vids on Vimeo.

You probably wont see these hubs anywhere else except on the Profile race teams wheels. They only made 8 pairs, we got 1 and they could be yours.

When Nicks not working on something he is riding weird shit like this..

Sleeper is by far one of my favorite people to ride with. Always pulling stuff out of nowhere. TDS!!!!!!!

Oh ya and if you haven't already check out some photos that Keith Terra took on Gypsy Tour a few weeks ago.

Whats New??

Hey Vic, whats new in the shop? EVERYTHING!!!!

Lots of new goods from everyone, especially FLY Bikes and Animal.
New Fly Uno Seats. Read up on the here!!

Restock on all Fly Bars..

New re-designed Animal Rims are also available. This time 7k aluminum and built for traditional lacing this time around.. Git Buck!! Thats what the rapper Said!!
We also received all the new soft goods from Animal. Check them out here.

Jake is getting acquainted with Providence, I think he likes it!!

Late nights in the city.. Ahhhh summer..

Here is last years FBM Trip in the N.E. Check out Props TV for more...

Go to for more videos.

Round 4!!!!

Well since I have no BMX in my life the past few weeks its been lots of swimming and a trip to the mountains..Hopefully I'll be back on it soon cause I'm starting to lose it.. If anyone needs a cure for insanity the bike will do it... This is what life has looked like lately..

Here a few pics of the 2011 Verde Completes. They are already rolling out the door, so if your into one give us a call and see what we got..

We also got a Sunday Funday Pro back in stock. Be that dude with a bright bike. I dare you..

Check out this Stranger Edit from Snotty.. If not he will hate you more then he already does..

Motivation "0"

If your like me all you want to do in this heat is swim like a fish. I can't even imagine trying to ride at this point, not to mention I can't anyway due to a bum knee.
So if your out there riding stay hydrated and good luck..

Get Wet!!

2011 Verde Completes just showed up.. Of course they look sweet..Come by and check em out. We should have them all built up by the weekend..

We also got in a couple of 2011 United completes.

New Profile Color in dusted purple.. These look saweett in person..

Henny, Emerson, Ballzz and a few others had the best 4th ever. Here is the proof..
Summer Fun!!!!

4th of july camping trip from erichennessey on Vimeo.

Nice Hat On!!

Animal just released a bunch of new hats to keep the sun out of your eyes this summer. Come on by and pick one up we have a variety of colors and sizes. We also restocked on everything else Animal..

Here are a couple of Gypsy Tour photos..
Hey Chunk did you have a good TRIP???

The Marley-Mobile

Bubba half and half!!!