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Das People!!!

 2013 We The People Completes will slowly be rolling into the shop in the next few months. Here's the first batch. Every year this brand takes a step in the right direction and that's why we stock them here.  From entry level bikes to high end completes. WTP has got it all.

The 2013 Arcade in Orange is looking sharp.

The 2013 Reason is the perfect bike for riders of all skill levels.

The 2013 Trust is just that. A bike that can be trusted. At $659 this bike comes equipped with some serious parts.

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting and riding with my good friend Dr.Luis Pinzon than you know this is a daily occurrence for him. Dr. P shreds everything in his way!! We recently sent him out some new goods for his rig and he sent some photos that his bud Sean Stallings shot. Balls out Larry!!

We have a couple of events planned for the next few weeks. Ill have info up on the site soon.

We have a few complete bikes on sale also. Click here to check them out here.

Looking for some new foot warmers? These Etnies X Fit Benny L Shoes should do it. And they're great to ride in too.

Making M.O.D.'S!!!

There is a lot to be said about a dude that gets offered a frame deal with the largest BMX company in the world and decides not to take the deal unless 2 of his best buds can come for the ride too. Clint can teach some "Pro BMX dudes" and whole BMX industry a few lessons and I'm sure he already has!! That's where the Credence M.O.D Frame comes in. Its not just a BMX Frame, its a symbol of friendship and the ride these bikes take us on through our life.
I know the Dracut Boys are psyched right now!!

Fit FAF Tires are back in the shop in Teal and White wall. We are restocked on all colors and sizes also.
 Is it spring yet?

Years ago I was dealing with a serious issue/addiction. I had a major pedal fetish and was hording sealed metal pedals.I think I may be having a relapse cause every time I get nice pedals like these Deluxe F-Lite Pedals in the shop I have a hard time letting them go. Someone please help me and get them out of here!!

This is my friend Shawn Saunders, he is BMX!!He Fucking Rules!! Thanks to Tyrant for the photo.

On The Up!!

Right about this time every year that heavy winter depression sets in and it's real easy to get caught in that cabin fever funk. But there are many ways to break that funk! Looking forward to Spring always gets me psyched during the winter,planning summer trips,building new jumps,riding new spots and meeting new friends. These are all ways to keep things on the up. Don't think about yesterday just look forward to tomorrow!!

This connection is probably the biggest thing to happen to BMX in years. The S&M Credence CCR Frames are pure BMX!! So psyched to have these here!!Psyched!!
Congrats to Clint,Nutter and Matty.
We have black and green in 21, $370.

2013 Fly Bikes Completes are in the shop. Somehow Fly were able to lower the price of thier 2013 bikes by $40. Thats amazing cause these things are dialed. Check out the complete bikes page to see what we have in stock. Here is the Proton in Black. 21 TT $510.

Here is the first Credence build out the door. It belongs to our friend Justin. Lets hope to see him on this thing often this coming Spring!!


Not counting the days, just waiting patiently.

Other new items in the shop this week.:
Animal MTT Tires in 2.35 and 2.10. You can crush an can with these things.
Animal BPE Pedals. Increase your chances on having the BDE with these pedals.
S&M Credence M.O.D. Frame in Trans Red 20.75
And a load of other goods that will make your bike run and look dialed!!

Metal to the Pedal!!

I read somewhere that metal pedals were making a comeback. I didn't realize they needed to comeback cause we always have a full selection of sealed metal pedals here. They are one of those parts on your bike that make it complete. If all you know is metal pedals than its hard to imagine your bike without them. I hear to many people say they hurt when you slip them. Well maybe you should get a scooter than!! No pedals on them toys. Toughen up people. Power to the pedal!! (Don't take this too serious)

Fly Ruben Pedals (99$) are back!! We have a good amount of these and hope to keep them in stock until they're gone.

Demolition Trooper Pedals (90$) are the newest shin rippers on the market. Dig 'Em!!

Fit Mac Pedals (75$) are back in also. From what I hear they are built for pedals slides??

The unattainable American Made Pedal!! Profile Racing Slim Gas Pedals..(NFS)

Become a victim!!

Same But Different!!

The pure enjoyment of getting on your bike and cruising just cant be matched with any other feeling out there.(in my opinion) Its truly cathartic. No matter what level of bike riding you're  at, we are all doing the same thing. Cruising!!
Here are a few more photos from 2012. I really wasnt able to take many photos this year because all my camera gear got jacked.. Bummer!! Anyway this is what i was able to grab while i did have a camera.I'm looking forward to getting a new setup!!

Hopefully next time Bobby does this his shoulder wont pop out on him. Cant wait to see this dude back on his ride!! Soon, very soon!!

                                 Nick!! We miss you!! And our Prov Park Sessions!!

                     This time last year Froh owed me a burrito. He still owes me a burrito

                                              The ghost of trails past! Come back to life!!

Psyched this dude is going to school out here..Ray placing it vertical??

You might see this photo in print some where? Well not this exact photo but this exact photo!
Wild Childs!!

Thanks to everyone for all their help and support this past year. Lets have another kick ass year.
                                    And lets all stay healthy and ride till we simply can't  ride!!