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 And just like that, summer is just about gone. This year is a blur to say the least. No jams, no big sessions, no parties but the fun still happened and we were all able to ride as much as possible. 

Hoping for a bigger better year in 2021!

Heres a quick update on what's going on in the shop. Bikes were moving like toilet paper earlier this season. We made it through the summer and fulfilled all our pre books, now we are skiing on a solid inventory of 2021 complete bikes from Cult, Kink, Subrosa and Sunday. We will have restocks as we move through the fall season with hopefully, perfect riding weather. 

We are expecting 2021 Fit completes any week now and 2021 We The People Completes sometime in late October. Eyes Peeled!!

Check out our Instagram and Facebook for daily updates on new product.

We have been trying to keep The Circuit webstore updated, if you are looking for a certain product you don't see online please notify us and will add it for you.

Here are some gems that are sitting on the floor now.

If you're looking for a solid complete right out of the box than the Sunday Soundwave Special is your bike. This machine is a full aftermarket build at a fraction of the price if you were to piece it out. 


In store and online.

We have a select amount of Sunday completes on the floor until the next batch arrives sometime late September. A new one for this year is the Sunday Forecaster Park. Fully equipped with the gyro setup and a cassette hub. Spin to win!!


Gold rims and Oil Slick hubs, what year is it??

 G-Sport turning back the clock with a limited run of these goodies. These would look rad as a build!

2021 Cult Completes are here but not for long. We have a few Gateway and Control models left but for how long?

We have decent numbers on 12"-18" Cult completes as well. Its riding season.

This Sunday Street Sweeper setup would look siiiick with these Hazard Lite Glow Rims. Just saying..

The camera guy brought his camera to VT so shot a pic of him with mine. 

Serious dad table at Warren Vt DIY park.

Sam Lawson spread eagle somewhere in Vermont!?

If you haven't watched this yet then what are you waiting for?? Push the damn play button.

Chris Childs doing it for S&M Bikes=No Brainer.