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In The Beginning!!

When the new year rolls around days like this seem so far out they feel as if they wont ever come around. After 3 months of  tweaking and dialing the days are here to enjoy the fruits that fall from the labor tree.
Here comes Summer and life in the woods!!!
The Subrosa guys are gonna be stopping by the shop this coming Tuesday to hang out and cruise over to the park to hang out for a bit. We will have the 2013 Subrosa Completes on the floor for the weekend.
  You can scope them out here..

Tree Ergo Saddles are in the shop!! The shape of this saddle looks more inviting to rest your cheeks on.
2013 Kink Completes are steadily rolling out the door but don't worry. We have a good amount in stock. We will keep them stocked up for your riding pleasure.

100% BMX!!

Summer Is Over!!

I can't help to think that Summer is over even before it starts. I guess it's just that feeling of not wanting it to end and counting the days until Fall. Could this be "The Best Summer Ever!!??" I'm sure there will be plenty of days to remember this Summer. Have fun!!

Mission Wheel in Purple are here with a new female front hub. These are by far the best wheels out there for a reasonable price. Strong enough to take some abuse and priced to not put a dent in your wallet.80$ for the front,110$ for the rear. We also re-stocked on all other Mission Wheels.

Fit Benny L Frame(20.75) is in the shop!! Ben was recently in Providence for a few days and is a pretty sweet dude. Super nice and just down for whatever. I think he still owes me a couple of beers?
Either way cheers Benny Hill!!

Grounds Keeper Carl Spackler!! He is now part of the key holders committee. If you live in Cumberland you might see this dude roaming around the woods, don't worry he's harmless.

Henny has been non-stop the past few months. Check out this lil jam Jack-son put together of the west coast Henn SC!!

It's All A Blur!!

Wake up early go to sleep late!! I think that's the key to making your summer last as long as possible. Well I tried that this past week and I'm not sure I'm cut out for that style of living anymore. This past week is all a blur unlike this berm I dialed in,that thing's looking crisp!!

If you wanna start your Summer off the right way then any of these U.S. made frames would be a good option.The Take Ivy 5 might be the most popular frame in R.I. right now and for good reason. You could even call it the "peoples frame". We also got in another FBM Berzerker V2.5 with a higher standover height(8 1/2) in Trans Copper. Support the brands that make BMX awesome!! Oh ya restocked on FBM Heart Seats and Headsets also.. Get Some!!

Here is another modern classic of a U.S made frame. The S&M Cam Wood V2. Cam wood is rad to watch ride and his frame is just nice to admire on a shelf or between your legs. This frame is designed to cruise with its classic geometry..
I feel like this Summer will be one to remember. Seems like lots of things? will be happening in New England. I guess it's guaranteed to be a blur!!

Fit Shop Stop!

The Fit Crew will be hanging out at Circuit this Saturday from 12-? We will be chilling and grilling in the lot with a possible Paw Park sesh afterwards. The Vitamin Water girls will be here to help you wash down the burgers and dogs Sleeper will be serving up. Stop by and hang out with these dudes. They came out to meet you!!

That Time.

It's that time of year again when the weather has no idea what to do with it self and when Kink decides to release their bikes months before everyone else.
So here they are the 2013 Kink completes. We have 13 on the floor, how fitting.

                                                                        Kink Liberty

Kink Launch
Kink Transition
Kink Whip
Kink Gap
Kink Launch
Kink Barrier