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Seriously Awesome!!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the Anthem II Premiere.. It was seriously awesome to see all of you.. Anthem II is truly amazing but that goes without saying. Anthem II would not exist without Anthem "Home of the Brave" so when all of you kids out there get this DVD package please watch Anthem I just as much if not more than II. Its just like having a favorite album of all time,it never get old Well, Home of the Brave is that favorite album.. Thanks to Stew Johnson for all his hard work and for letting Circuit do a premiere!!!We should have the Anthem II Dec 3rd!!

Good Times!!

Profile Elite Trail Hubs are what's up!! 204 points of engagement.. Thats Pretty much an instant engagement and you can feel the difference. These hubs prefer the dirt ramps but you can take them anywhere.. They are also available on The Circuit Web-Store..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

Sleeper was so psyched on Anthem II he ended up looking like this after the showing..

Put this together the other night of some late Summer and Fall riding. Not psyched on Winter one bit.. Hopefully its a warm one,,

Mix Fall Footage from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.


This is tonight. Be here!! Anthem "Home of the Brave" at 6:30. Anthem II at 7:30..

Thank You!!

For some reason I've never really thought of what I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving but here a few things that come to mind. Family, Friends, All the Customers that support Circuit, BMX, Earth and Shovels. I'm a simple man that enjoys simple things. So for all these things that have come my way-Thank You.. Hope you all had a good Holladay!!

 Since Circuit opened we have always had a Cranksgiving Sale and this year is no different. Get in the shop this Friday-Sunday and catch 10% off everything crank related..

Anthem II Premiere this Saturday at 6:30ish. See ya here..

Lots of 2011 Eclat goods arrived this week. Pulse hubs, Plaza pedals, Unify Seats,Burns Stem...

Found this dude right where the Sarlaac is being built. Looks like the Sarlaac was meant to be.

 This would have been much better in the woods but we will take what we can get this time of year..
Justin bringing his trail style to the park..

Profile Gas pedals are back after a long wait. Oh, and the Profile Elite Hubs are here with a 9t Driver.

Building a Monster!!

Now that the colder air is settling in we have some soft goods rolling in from S&M and Fit. Yes, an actual bike company with a clothing line and not just some T-shirts.. We are also stocked up on Animal winter goods..So get in and check out what these leaders in BMX apparel have to offer.. It's about time!!

 We will also have some Circuit Hoodies by the end of this week. We will have zip-ups and pull overs..

  Odyssey Blue Bird Chains came in today.. This is an affordable chain with a master link or half-link for precise wheel adjustability..

2011 Eclat goods are on  the way.. Click here to see a preview..

Bubba just jumping a dirt ramp.. No tricks.. Deal with it!!

Two major events on the same weekend!! Be here!!

Do your self a favor and be here for this. Big thanks to Stew for letting us do this.. Thanks Stew!!!!

It only last 3 months!!

Well kind of but if you really think about it, it's almost December which means its only 3 months until March.. Then its springtime=awesome.. You never know when we will get that bonus day in the winter either,its usually January 26th or something like that. Keep your fingers crossed.. But for now its more of the same, treating every sunny warmish day like its the last for a while..

 Its almost 2011 which means a new year and new ideas. Circuit will be making some Big Moves in the coming year.. I will let you all know more on that soon.

 We went through just about all are frames in the past few weeks and just got some more to fill them racks up.. Here ya go!!

Take Ivy 4 in Trans Purple.. Its as sweet as it looks..

 Van Homan is a legend.. If you think so too check out his Fit VH3..

 HoderHoderHoder.. Green is for the money Gold is for the honey.. BTM!!!

Holeshot Issue 8 is out and looks awesome as usual..
Fall River section is my favorite but I'm partial to it..

  Sleeper has his own TDS page in Issue 8 and its well deserved..Here is a taste on LeastMost..
 Dean Sleeper- Leaf Extractor ..

 Anthem II Premiere @ Circuit Saturday, November 27th.
Flyer up soon.. Be here!!!


The Most anticipated DVD ever!!!EVER!!!!!

ANTHEM II trailer from Stew Johnson on Vimeo.

Check out the Anthem Site.. We will be doing a shop premiere here also..12-01