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One Week Away...

Yup,November 3rd is only one week away so bring all your used BMX parts that have been collecting dust and see what you can unload. And if your looking for some used parts this would be a good time to get a deal on some. Also the foot down comp directly after the swap.. Then some music, should be a good day.

Finally received the Fly foldable tires in all sizes.. I'm a huge fan of Fly tires and even more now that they are available with a foldable Kevlar bead. Also received the new Fly seat posts that have a real cool and strong design, got these in all colors.
Also restocked on Fly Brakes, if you have never ridden Fly Brakes its about time you do, you'll feel the difference instantly. For those of you who are die hard fans of ODI Longnecks I got some in a kind of metallic gold and white. Still looking good on Lotek Nightwolfs and Deltas (sizes 10-12) so if your into a new pair of riding shoes these would be them especially for some ankle protection. Speaking of Lotek we just got in all the Freemont Experience shirts and sweatshirts, lots of feathers and skulls, they look good. As i write this all the Kink Completes showed up including the new Transition in Prism(orange). And 08 Fits will be here mid next week. The 08 FBM frames are just about ready and we have a Blue Master Blaster here before the weekend and Howlers will be showing up next week. I have one with my name on it.
Dont forget about the Freelands Jam in Middleboro this weekend. Brandon wants naked men there and Hennssey is going as David Hasselhoff circa 1984. Should be a good time. Also if you wanna stay a little closer to home the boys at The HUE Trails in Burrilville arre having a jam also, message Wes for directions. Go out and ride some dirt this weekend it might be your last chance before winter.


OK, so a few things going on in the next couple of weeks that you might wanna hit up.
Brandon Christie is a having a Halloween Jam at his backyard trail set up, the dates are the 27th and 28th and I think costumes are the idea here guys so don't show up without one. Click on the flyer for details.
Then of course the BMX swap meet , foot down championships and YA. Sat, nov..3rd. All day shin-dig. Be here.
Got some new goods in the shop the past few weeks, like more Lotek Deltas in white and gray. Simple Eject Hubs and Stems. Yup thats the crazy looking flangeless hub. I laced one up last week and it looks pretty sweet when its all done.Also got in some Demolition Vulcan brakes. They have a low profile with a sealed bearing, they must work well. Oh ya new Animal sprockets (Sprocky Balboas) got them in all sizes and colors, same colors as the Animal pivotal posts. And 08 Fit completes should be rolling in the next couple of weeks, man these look good. Ill keep everyone posted on the arrival..

Fall Hours and ....

Circuit hours will be changing as of Wednesday October 10th. The new Fall hours will be - Monday - Closed
Tuesday through Friday 1 - 7
Saturday 10 - 6
Sunday 11 - 3

Well it finally seems like some Fall weather is upon us. A little bit of rain and temps in the low 60s. Sounds like trail riding weather to me and hopefully some digging also. Speaking of trails thanks to all the guys at The Prison Trails for holding their annual jam. Always a good time. Thanks again guys. I know I'm a week late but whatevs.

Plenty of new goodies in the shop, Odyssey Trail Mix Pedals in gold, polished and black sealed. More PC pedals in black and white also raw and white evo 2s. Got some of them Vandero 2 front hubs with the female axle system in red, grey and black. Also got in the new Lotek Nightwolfs in black and brown, along with the Deltas in the new color ways. More Lotek shirts in also, all styles and sizes..Got in the new Rock and Roll Road Fools which is really good. At least that band Greysacle isn't in it...Wow they were bad. Lots more, to much to list, stop in and take a look or watch a vid..

Also dont forget about November 3rd BMX swap , foot down world championships and music and meet Peter from Ramp Farm.. NICE....

Swap Meet , Foot Down World Championships, Music

Get your ass out here Nov 3rd for this...
If your into the BMX Swap Meet give the shop a call 401-305-3636 space is kind of limited.