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Lets all be friends. I know we can do it. If Henny has friends then we all can!! I'm pretty sure that's what BMX is all about, friendship..

 Her is a little mix Crandall put together on his recent visit to R.I. FUNFUNFUN!!!

Hello!! We are fully stocked and ready to rock with 2012 Fit Completes,2012 Verde Completes and 2012 Kink Completes!! Get Some!!

Yah Dude!!

Its that time of year when you know winter isn't even close but your already thinking of it.  But dont fear, the best riding months of the year are ahead of us so enjoy that out door riding while you can. Trails,Park,Street,Foam Pits.. Whatever you do have fun doing it..

Its also the time of year for 2012 Fit Completes. Dude!!! These bikes are ready to ride!! Check them out, we have the full line on the floor and here are a few pics..

BF 3

Aitken 2

VH 2

VH 1
Inman One

VH 1

Good Vibrations!!!

You couldnt ask for a better weekend in New England then this past one. Dodging sun showers and riding multiple spots is always a good brake from the normal routine.. Especially when the "master fun haver" comes in to town to hang out a do some filming.. Hey Crandall, Hows are friendship doing?? 
Henny may or maynot have pulled this footplant tailwhip. Come watch the FBM Video in Late September and find out..

The 2012 Verde Eons are all built up and ready to roll. They are the perfect back to school accessory!!

New Fit,S&M and FBM Softgoods are here just in time for our Back to School Sale this weekend. All T-shirts are Buy 2 get one FREE!!!All other softgoods are 10% off!! (Shoes, Backpacks,Jeans.)

Bret was born in the 90s but this darkside/euro?? is definitely 80s influenced..
Stay stoked.. Fall is close and winter will follow!!!!


Watching Seek and Destroy as i type this.

This is BMX!!

The best shirts ever are here on the shelves. "cheese" brand is taking over..

New CULT Hats..

Cult OS Sprockets and Cult Stems are restocked.. 

Push Play and Watch..

My Friend Said!!

  This is probably the #1 phrase that gets said in the shop by most kids that ride BMX,"My Friend Said". Lets not listen to what are friends are saying and lets just form our own opinions for now. We will be much better off that way. Now if you friend says that BMX is Awesome, then yes, he is correct.  Or if you friend says "Trails Rule"  then once again he is correct..

My friend Mark Mulville said that Mark Mulville is pretty good at getting loose and freestyle rapping..
He was not lying.. Mark getting sideways at Mauls..

Mike Meister is one of the nicest people I've met in a long time. He came out from Colorado to cruise with the Profile Team. Dude will seriously shred anything you put in front of him, burritos, ginger ale, and 8 foot airs out of anything..Anything!!

My friend said(Bobby Parker) that we have another shop visit from a Pro Team in Mid-September. I'll have the flyer up this week and I think you will all be psyched on this one.. 

All the 2012 Verdes are built.. Come grab one before they are gone..

In The Past!!

Im gonna be out on the road with the Profile Team for the next few days but your main man 
Henny Erickson will be manning the shop changing your tubes and watching while you try to turn a wrench all while listening to Wu-Tang..
This happened already..

2012 Verde Completes are in the shop. Come in and get your fix!!!

Profile Crew came out to the trails Sunday, Mulvdude rode like a machine and Henny rode like a Worm!!

Fit Wi-Fi Frame is here in Midnight Blue, 20.5. Same geometry as the Benny L frame for a lower price..
S&M BTM (Hoder) Frame is back in stock.

S&M Cam Wood V2 is also back in the shop.. American Made Kids..

 One last thing, the Paw Park has been looking great lately!! Lets keep that up and respect our surroundings. Being a litter bug is lame...