Hammer Time!!

It's really here, the end of Summer.  By the looks of it the heat isn't going anywhere for a bit so enjoy these last few weeks of them summer temps. As we transition into Fall and watch the leaves start to change remember all those rad sessions you had in the streets, woods, parks or the track. BMX is everywhere and I'm pretty stoked on that.
 Here is the elusive John Degnan in his element.  Word is that theres a Degnan edit in the works.It has been a while and needless to say I'm excited.
 Photo by Scott Lamoureux.

2016 bikes are popping up in the shop. Here's one of the Sunday AM completes in trans gold($399.99). The whole 2016 Sunday line is looking rad. You can see them lined up in the shop but they are going fast.

Sunday is one of the only brands to offer a 24" "Freestyle" BMX bike year after year. If you're feeling a little to large for a 20" bike than the cruiser is the perfect option. Its a BMX and you can still get rad on it. $449.99

We have a small amount of these Eclat Fireball Tires in stock. If you're looking to add some flair to your ride these tires should do it.

Someone finally stepped up and did it. The Oil Slick Chain!! I know theres been others around but the masters of the chain made it available for us all. KMC 510HX is a chain you want to ride. 

Last but not least! We have 30 2016 Fit Completes on the floor. Take a look at our Complete Bikes in Stock Page or follow our Facebook page for pics and updates of daily deliveries. We have lots of new product in stock daily its hard to get it all up even with 4 social network pages.


AHH!! Its that time of year again. Hope you all enjoyed your time off this summer. We will be having a Back to School Sale this weekend. Check out the flyer below for details. We are well stocked with backpacks,shoes and clothing. Come freshen up!!


Had a short but sweet trip up north this past weekend. Pack a truck with your friends,bikes and camp gear and you're guarantied to have some good times. My best advice to anyone going camping in the White Mountains, If you're looking for a campground that goes all night stay at Mt. Deception (Un)Family Campground.
Thanks to Steve and John in Portland for giving us a place to crash also. You guys are awesome!

We hit up Highland Park to ride the jumps, they were in rough shape for BMX bikes but we made the most of it. Adam made the most of this wall too. If you've ridden this than you know how rad this is.

Quick jaunt up a dirt road and the swim holes are everywhere. Heres one of my favorites.

Cody Diggle rode enough for all of us combined. Its always rad to watch him shred whatever is in front of him.

Lookback at S. Paris.

This dude is my hero. Dean Sleeper slays all.
Dover Park, fast plant on some tight tranny natural terrain.

Church of BMX!!

Not being able to do something you love on a daily basis is hard, being in pain from doing it is even harder. I'm not sure how much time I have before a knee replacement but I know its coming sooner than later. BMX is my religion. Im not always practicing but I'm always believing!!

Having this place keeps me close to the community and whats going on in it. Thanks to everyone out there for all the support over the years. 2016 will make 10 years for us, lets party!!

Here are some new goods and some happenings going on in the shop.

New 5 Panel Hats from Merritt, 3 different colors so you should be able to find one you like.

Here are some new goods from Odyssey. The new Clutch Freecoaster, 30 Year Anniversary Sprockets,SXTN Grips and restock on everything this fine company makes.

We are always keeping the Profile Case stocked, we also keep their seats in stock. Check out theses new(old)patches and trucker caps.

This may be the best selling S&M on the list. Heres a new color for the BTM (Hoder Sig). The trans blue kit looks rad and we have it in a 20.75

We will be having a Back To School Sale August 20th-23rd, read the flyer!! We will also have a load of shoes that will be $20-$30

Henny has been on a mission to rebuild the bus interior but there's always time to worship the tabletop.