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Im gonna make it quick and semi painless. New Animal Pegs are here in some sweet colors. Yes they are Steel and built for some heavy grinding. Bob bars in chrome just like the old GT bars Bob use to ride.
Gypsy 2our DVD is here also with a bonus Australian Trip in there for extra pleasure.
FBM Cinch sacks also just in time for school. Ya that means summer is over for most of you but only if you want it to be..?? Dont let it die out yet!! Ok Later..

Gypsy Trailer!..

Check out the trailer for the Gypsy Caravan 2our. We will be having a shop premiere for this in the near future. It should be available in the next coming weeks..
Good times were had and plenty of memories were taking away..Stoked!!!

And this is just awesome.. Evan V and crew floating down the James in this man made raft contraption!! Living and Loving!! Check out RVA BMX for more..

circuit bmx in the grand canyon!!

Tree Things!!

The guys at Tree finally got their front hubs out to the public and by the looks and feel of them it was worth the wait.. Learn more about them here..

Autumn Brand Jam was this past weekend and it was HOT!!! Some dude showed off his elephant dick and then proceeded to kick Guy Skinney in the dick..Good times! I took a couple of photos but left my camera there.. Bummer!!

Our good buddy Henny is getting hooked up by FBM now so expect to see him flying allover the world, drinking fine wine and sampling fancy cheese.. Ya but really Henny Rules!!! Here is the proof from a summer sesh at Cumby!!
Photo - Crandall

Where did all the rain go????

Keep Them Coming!!

2010 Subrosa Completes are here and ready to be rolled out the door and ridden at the new cement park right down the street from Circuit..( I'll have some pics of that up soon) Here are some pics..

Hey Thanks!!!

Sorry about the lack of updates but things have been pretty busy around here..Thanks to everyone who came out for the shop bbq with the FBM guys. And BIG thanks to Crandall for the bringing the crew out here and hanging out in R.I. for a couple days.I didnt take many pics but i have a couple. Enjoy!!
My new best bud Olivia..

Sleeper building a bike ladder..

Degnan Kills any obstacle on any 2 wheeled machine...

Thanks Dudes!!!!

Autumn Brand Jam at Hyde Park Sunday..

Jeff and Matt..

Two of my favorite dudes to ride with ever.. Check them out shredding the streets of Tampa!!

Matt Coplon & Jeff Harrington tampa from Jeff Harrington on Vimeo.