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Whos Idea Was This???

FBM had the idea to invite a load of dudes on a caravan trip last year and called it the Gypsy Tour. If you've seen the DVD then you know how crazy it was or maybe you were part of it and know first hand. Well anyways FBM is going for round 2 but this time somehow Circuit was invited on it!! Now I'm not saying we are gonna duplicate the Re-Cylces/Blacken part from last years DVD but we are gonna try are best. With limited filming and editing knowledge it might be the best or worst part you've ever seen..Check out this FBM update for some photos from last years Gypsy Tour.

A few weeks ago a group of us decided to do a Rhode Trip strictly based on the idea of staying in R.I. It worked out well but a weekend trip turned into a day trip due to weather and the size of the state(48 miles x 37 miles). Expect more epic Sleeper crashes this summer..

Untitled from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.

More Hawk V2 Frames and Tony C Frames next week.. Get on em!!

2010 Kinks!!

I'm not sure why or how this happens but Kink releases their bikes a few months earlier then everyone else. Good thing, bad thing I'm not sure but either way the bikes look awesome this year and I'm psyched to have then in the shop. Come by and check them out and maybe pick one up for some summer FUN!! Here are a few pics of some of the 2010 Kinks..
Doyle Sig..





Here is a list of some other goods just in!!
New Animal 212 Jeans and New Mystic Button Ups
Animal/Wu-tang(Ghost Face Killah) Tees
Animal Fargoyle Tees (New Gold Print)

Restock on Eclat Goods Again( this stuff goes quick)
Shadow Chains
Cult Zine (issue 2) If your a homophobe this zine is not for yo
The sessions have been heavy lately and the weather is dialed for some digging.
Get out there and build a jump!!!

Moeller is a Genius!!

While other BMX companies are raising the prices on their frames SandM/Fit put out a new U.S made Chase Hawk Frame that retails at 330. This makes total sense for these hard times. SandM/Fit make a couple bucks and you save a couple, plus you have a sweet American Frame.And its Chase Hawk, why wouldnt you want to ride this frame.
Thank you MR. Moeller!!

Since I'm on the Fit subject here is a pic of another American Fit frame. This is a complete build for my buddy Orlando. This thing weighs 22.8 lbs.

Hey 2010 Kink Completes are here also. Pics up soon!

Friday the 15th..SUNDAY!!

Circuit will be premiering Sundays New DVD on Friday the 15th at 7pm. Im sure it will be full of some serious street action. If your into it come by and pull up a seat.

Sunday Bikes Trailer-Up, Up and Away from Jim Cielencki on Vimeo.

Lots of new stuff in this week, Ill start with the Spring Orchids. Yes they are finally here and looking good as usual.


Vandever 1

New Dig Issue 70 showed up this week also, be sure to come by and take a look. Circuit has a 2 page spread in it. Dig is by far one of the best BMX mags in the world and Im honored that the shop is featured in it. Be sure to check out Sean Ryans awesome tabe photo in the Costa Rica Trip. Big Thanks to Dolecki and Tunney..

FBM V2 completes showing up next week..

On The Rhode!!

We did a lil day trip this past weekend. Basically consisted of a couple of parks and street spots. Good times were had, Sleeper has the best crashes ever and Emerson thinks white bread with butter is called French Toast..Here are a few pics.
Don Houle got nothing to prove.

Sleeper does his own stunts and pays for them.

Sleeper and Gator carving the love seat. Ya he ate shit!

Hal can hop as long as he has a 12 pack.

Stop Warwick School closings!!

Move of the day!

Restock on Eclat Goods this week!!


Those Deluxe Frames showed up yesterday along with a Green Mutiny Loosefer. . For you guys looking for a new trails frame go no further then Deluxe.
Stop in and take a look at whats new as for me heading out on a weekend trip hitting every spot in R.I. It shouldn't take more then one day.