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Post it!!

Keeping up with the daily activity in the shop is hard enough. Never mind getting a blog post up for all the items that arrive on a daily basis. If you're interested in what we get in here day by day go to our Facebook Page. I post a good amount of it up on there. Thanks for checking in and how about this weather!!!

Surprise! Profile Racing pulled a fast one on us and re-released the Cotton Candy Hubs. These are vibrant and would dialed on any setup. Whats next? 

Merritt has been stepping up their game lately and the quiet guy in the back room has been busy thinking of what product to release next. BF and Option Tires, Hub guards, Non Stop Hubs, Final Drive Coaster all new from the Merritt Boys! The Non Stop Hub offers 120 points of engagement and has a 14mm female axle. Perfect for that bitch crank.  And have you ever heard of a Freecoaster driver with a lifetime warranty? You're looking at one.

It's Spring right? That means its time for a new bike. The 2016 Kink Completes are on the floor and looking proper. I hear this almost everyday "Complete bikes are so sick now" and its true, they are. And the 2016 Kink completes are no exception. These bikes are dialed from the bottom to the top.

Here's the Kink Liberty Sexton edition. Hard to believe this bike is only $449.99.

The Kink Whip Hamlin edition has that crackle paint job you've always wanted.

Kink Launch is the best 329.99 Chrome bike you're gonna find. Even better than that Mongoose.

Odyssey is always mixing it up with the seats. You can go retro or you can go urban. Might as well go looting with the Sunday "cornerstone" Seat.

Thanks to everyone that went out to the Circuit/B-Cave Prov Park Jam! And thanks to all the fine brands for donating all the goods to toss out. Sunday,S&M,Fit, Profile, Merritt,Cult. I heard it was good but I wouldn't know  CAUSE I DONT HAVE A BIKE AND I WORKED ALL DAY!!! EEESH!!

Zak(Tex) was there laying down some proper looking tables. Photo by Tenny Tyler.

Stay Two Tired!!

When you go from a standstill to non stop movement you end up getting beat down and tired. Take a rest, take a breather and start all over again. This warm weather will be gone before you know it. We've had lots going on around here and we have lots of new items arriving in the shop daily not to mention our regular stock.

2016 Kink Completes will be in the shop today.

2015 Haro Race LT and Annex Completes will be in the shop by the weekend.

New Merritt goods will be shipping this week.(Hubs,Tires,Freecoaster, ect..)

If you care about what green space we have left in this world of cement and tar then attend this meeting at the Cumberland Public Library Monday May 11th at 6:30 PM.

Maxxis decided to step up the size on their popular Grifter Tire. Now available in 2.3. Hopefully the DTH follows suit.

Sunday has a new strategy. They are making some high quality goods that won't break the bank. The Current tires are a high pressure tire thats priced at $20.00 We have them in a variety of colors and work well on all surfaces.

Cult/Vans Tires are here with some limited color. Im not sure how long they will be running them in these colors but they look rad and I know you old schoolers want to pop some of them mean greens on some mags you have laying around. Available in 2.2 and 2.35.

We have over 50 complete bikes on the floor at the moment. Come in and take a look.
Here is the perfect entry level bike. The Verde Cadet priced at 299.99 and its fully sealed. Thats unheard of!! Stay Two Tired!!

We have a new frame in the shop and more on the way. Here is the S&M Whammo (Craig Passero) Frame.  Its a 20.75 and trans purple. This frame has that sharp tech geometry but can be ridden on any type of terrain. $354.99

If you've ever seen Bobby ride you know he doesn't like to keep his tires on the ground.