Plenty To Do!!

Hey summer is in full swing, the X-games have been on the past few days and they are pretty ridiculous(Van should have won street),Dudes are getting broke on the Mega(stupid)Ramp and something about a BMXer building a Skatepark, haha, snobs.
Also the Olympics start next weekend and yes BMX Racing is a part of it. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Kind of psyched to watch that. Here is the link for the schedule
Alright lets move on to something a lil more local and the total oppisite of the X-Games and Olympics..FBM will be holding the 2nd Battle at the Belmar in Binghamton N.Y. Now if you live within 8 hours of this you should be there, its a guaranteed good time.
What could be better then a giant pile of dirt and wallride behind a bar on Main St in Binghamton N.Y. Not much right???
Right after the Belmar Comp the Circuit/Profile Northeast Trail Trip will start. 6 Circuit guys and 6 Profile riders. Should be a hoot, we will be hitting up trails all throughout N.E. camping, swimming,fires and parties.. ya good summer fun.
Also on Saturday, August 23rd, Kevin Botsch and The Autum Brand Crew will be holding their annual Hyde Park BMX BBQ.. Ive been the past few years and its always a good time. Plenty to do in the next few weeks, dont be a slacker.. get out there.

The Kink completes are going quick but good thing we got a large shipment on the first batch so we should be looking good for a bit.. Now if your into any of these bike Id say get one now cause they will be going up in price on the next batch.. Not sure how much but you will see a price increase on all products in the next few months. Be prepared!!

Check out this video on the Adidas page with Mike Sieben of T-1 its pretty good. You almost forget your watching a shoe advertisement!!Just click on him and choose the video option..adidas

Heres a photo of Snake getting Kyle good with the Trail Whip at Bakers.. It worked well, Kyle was up at 7am dialing the trails in.. Every set of trails needs a good whip..