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Party Hard!!

Today is the day. We will be jamming out at the News Cafe just a stones throw away from the shop. 
The party starts at 3 and goes till ? BMX, Food, Beer, BMX, Music!!
That means the shop will be closed from 3 on today.

Here is the run down on how it will go today.

Parking lot jam-3 to 7.
18+ to ride
Helmets required (please)
Foot Down World Chapionships 4:30-?
Pork High Hop Challenge-6
If you plan on drinking please bring your ID. 21+
If it rains, there will be beers and BMX Slip and Slide!!
We will be bring the party inside from 8-? 
DJ Step Down
8PM-10 Years of Circuit Slide Show
8:45 - Surprise Edit Premiere
9ish - Throne of Saturn
9:48 - Fox Fires  
10:24 DJ Step Down
And Please respect the News Cafe employees,Neighbors and parking lot!!!
Hope you all make it out!!