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2020 Vision (-)(-)

Let’s start on a high note. 
2020 has been huge for BMX and the industry. Bikes have been hard to get into stock and hard to keep in stock. That means lots of new riders and new micro scenes popping up in neighborhoods everywhere. What impact this will have on the future of BMX is yet to be seen. 
Unfortunately it took a worldwide pandemic to create this shift in the industry. 
I prefer things the way they were in 2019, jams, dig days at Roger Williams, and allowing customers in the shop without having to worry. I’m hoping for some normalcy in 2021 and we can get back on track to getting our daily operations back in line. 

Soo, like I said. Things have been crazy and to make them a lot crazier, I went and shattered my kneecap and had to have emergency knee surgery a few weeks ago. 
Chris has been flying solo in the shop with the help from a cast of friends. (Thank you all)
I’ll be crutching around the shop this weekend. Come say hello. 

Now let’s get to some bikes! 
The end of the year is approaching fast and we have a handful of bike brands in the shop and more on the way. 
We still have bikes from Kink and Sunday and Subrosa restock will be arriving any day now. 

The Sunday Forecaster Ross Sig is pretty in pink.

2021 We The People completes have arrived and are on the floor and  ready to roll. These bikes are extremely sought after and will be difficult to acquire this season but we have them. 

2021 Fly Bikes will be shipping from Spain on December 17th. We will hopefully see them right before X-Mas. This is another brand that will be hard to get a hold of this season. 

2021 Fit completes will be shipping back to us the last week of December. We should she them the first week of January 2021. 

In between building bikes, helping customers, cleaning, we are still getting your custom wheel and bike builds done for the holidays. So get them in and we will get them done. 
Mr. Childs hands will be bleeding by seasons end. Ayyyye!!

The webstore is is fully updated with all the frames we have in stock. Plus new softgoods from Fast and Loose and Burn Slow. 

If you're looking to accessorize your new bike, we are fully stocked on everything you could need for it. Aftermarket tires are always a nice upgrade on any complete bike. 
We have hundreds in stock. 

A few more custom Circuit Rooster builds out the door. There's talk about a springtime run, whos in?? So stoked on how this run turned out. Why not do another!!
Thanks to John Corts at Work for getting these done.
Thanks to everyone that picked one up. 

So who’s ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021??!!
I am!!

Big shout to Captain B-caveman ( Bobby Proctor) for laying down this rad pocket table and for laying down some hours in the shop keeping things running smoothly.