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Cant Stop, Wont Stop!!

Well I know Summer is just about over and you would expect things to slow down around here and with local events in general but they just keep on coming. I guess I'll rest when I'm dead right!!

There are a few things coming up locally you might want to attend or you should attend if you're looking to have fun with a bunch of your friends.

You don't want to show up to any of these events with holes in your shoes so we got in all the new Loteks for your feet. These shoes are dialed! Each shoe has the same waffle style sole and have a super soft but sturdy insole. Heal protection and grip for your pedals. The perfect shoe??

The Reeves

The Nightwolf

The Fader V2


Odyssey revamped their hub line earlier this year with the Anti-Gram rear hub. You can ride this hub RHD or LHD, you decide. And now the Anti-Gram front hub has finally become available to the world. Enjoy your new hubset. We also just ordered all the new Odyssey softwoods. They look awesome,check them out here.

The Tree team did a shop stop this past Sunday and it ended up being really awesome. So HUGE thanks to all the locals for coming out and thanks to the Tree guys for hanging out.
 Clint made it out to the woods for an evening session while the rest of the guys went to cruise in Prov. Good Times were had!!

Aye Guy Whats Happening!!!

There has been so much going on lately its hard to keep up with it all. Every weekend there's been adifferent shop stop, jam or event happening that summer has gone by in a flash. That's what its all about right? Right!! Killer Summer, good times, rad sessions=New England!!!

Well here is some more of whats happening in the immediate future, like this weekend.

We are having a Back to school Sale all weekend!! Lots of new goods in the shop and plenty of deals to get you ready for the Fall school season.

The Tree Team will be here this Sunday Aug 25th. Come hangout, eat pizza and enjoy their company.. Tree is a rad company thats always offering something a little different in the world of clones.

We just received a few of the 2014 Volume Completes. Here is the Infantry Complete. Full Chromo Frame,Fork and Bars at 479.99. These bikes are on it!!

Oh how I've missed you Prov Park.. 
Awesome morning and night sessions this week!!
Mr.P laying one down for the end of Summer!!

The Future!!

  If Fit is any sign of the BMX industry's strength Id say it looks pretty positive. The 2014 Completes are something to behold in the complete bike market. Each bike has an attention to detail that cant be missed. Here is a small portion of what we have on the floor for 2014 Fit Completes.
Check the Complete Bike Page for the full inventory. 

A nice upgrade on the 2014 Fit bikes is that each model comes with Fits own Indent Cranks modeled after the aftermarket Indent Cranks.

Benny L 1 399.99

Benny L 1 399.99

Benny L 2 469.99

Mac 2 469.99

BF 3 549.99

Mac 3 549.99

We will be having a Back To School Sale the weekend of the 23rd-25th. Check out the flyer for details.
All remaining 2013 Fit Completes are 10-20% off!!!

We love our bicycles out here!!
Cody T-bog and Henny in hot pursuit!!

Donner Party!!

Lets face it, BMX is weird as hell!! If you didn't know this already and attended the Donner Jam in NH this past weekend than I'm sure you've come to this realization that BMX is RAD as Fuck!! This mountain was packed with a snake run and a 8-9? foot tall box jump at the bottom of the hill. WTF!! And people rode it. No human flesh was consumed although there were lots of hungry faces. Here a few pics that I caught while not doing other things.

John Mayo hates Mayo but loves white bikes and tabletops. Sounds like he likes Mayo?

This dude is becoming the dude as of late. Stay on the path Dude!!
Cody D!!

Pretty peaceful place to have such a chaotic jam. They went well together.

Childs is the dude if you weren't aware of that. The dude just killed it all day. Always smiling and fun to watch. Perfect!!

Dylan B making his way down the course he help put together. Build your own fun right? Well at least for a weekend.
There's a shitload of photos lost in the interwebs. Go find some.

Boner Party After Party!!
Henny 3ft out of a 14ft vert wall. Get et Ked!!

Living Is Easy!!

Enjoying the life you're given is pretty easy too!! Step 1, find something you love to do. Step 2, do it as much as you possibly can. Step 3, never take it to seriously!! I know FBM follows these steps and it shows in so many ways. Thanks to the boys for coming through and hanging out for a couple of days. If you're not supporting FBM than you're messing up!!

Flow Snake knows whats up!! 21st Bday T-Down with Alf and Urban Sombrero in tow.

Garyoke!! Always a blast when the Ginch is around!!

Circuit Mutha' Clucker shirts are here. Printed on that super soft AA T-shirt.

Fit has some new stuff in the line. Unsealed Mac Pedals some ledge wax and Wizard Peg Sleeves are in. Check out the blue on these Sealed Mac Pedals!!

We just received this S&M ATF Frame in 21. This color is amazing. Come take a look at it and go Green!!

2014 Fit Completes will be here mid next week so that means our remaining 2013 Fit Completes are all on sale!! 10% off of all 2013 Fit Completes in the shop. Come get a new rig!!
Check out the vid for the 2014 line!!