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March Radness!!!

 Every post I put up I always try to add a little extra to it, whether it be some knowledge I've picked up along the way.( I'm full of it dude(JK)) Or in this case a kick ass photo of Nick Ferreira doing what he does. Riding Bikes,Having FUN!!

We cant keep these damn Take Ivy 5 Frames in stock. So thanks for that but I'm still trying my best to do so. We have2 more in stock, Flat Trans Green(20.75) and this Gloss Raw(21). I rode the OG Ivy Frame for 2 years. Still one of my favs!!

We have some more Fly Dos Seats and Tri-Pod Seat Posts in.
Fly is reinventing the wheel once again.

We have some Spring Circuit Shirts in!! Thanks to Dave Mcdermott for the art work!!
We also have the new Spring line of Tee's from Animal. You can check them out here
Some must haves in there. Pockets Tee's!!!

Hey did you know there is a new park in Tiverton R.I. that should be ready in the next few weeks?

Post # ???

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. My obvious prediction is that its gonna be a scorcher of a summer..Bikes,swimming and warm nights sound good right now..BMX!!Later..

Fit Tom Dugan TD350 Frames are here!! Check out all the hype here!! Got them Clubman bars too..

More Newer!!

Its been a crazy week around here. We received a a whole lot of new items that went out the door quick and then we received them again. Its a never ending battle! The weather is just about to break but it was never really broken to begin with. Two interesting things you might want to know, I started a Circuit Twitter(follow us here and spread the word) and I also started a Circuit Tumblr which I'm psyched on! Ill be posting old and new photos and as many Sleeper quotes as I possibly can.

 The Take Ivy 5 frames came and went quick so I decided to pick up another Flat Trans Green one cause this color is awesome!! (20.75) The word is The Take Team will be coming through this summer to hang out in Pawtucket for the day. I will have details as they come in.

Terrible One Salt City Four Piece Bars(Elf Bars) are out and are the best looking four piece out there.
We also have some coffee mugs and some new tees on the way from T-1.

Kink Orion Rims are in!! Kink has a load of new items coming out this year and this is the start.
We also have Black Badger Bars back in stock, its been a while!

New Banned Sludge Topload Stems and restock on Banned Sprockets.
Got them Colt 45 Rasta Bars too!!

Bonedeth Vibrator Seats in Leopard are back. We got a good amount this time so we should have them for a bit, unless. We got in some Burning Rubber Grips also. Liking these grips!!


Here are a couple other items to mention:
Restock on all 2012 Fit Completes.
Shadow Half link Chains in 3/32nds. They look sick!
Shadow Bezanson Brakes!
And Stuff!!

Circuit BMX!!!

To trust or not to trust? Good question right? I value every customer that walks into this shop and when you walk in the door I'm assuming that you are giving me your trust. And for a good reason, we uphold a reputation of having outstanding customer service and hold a good rapport with our customers. Why am I writing this? Because I care! Circuit started from the ground up,from just about nothing except some love for BMX, in fact I have too much love for BMX . I've been told I "CARE TO MUCH". Damn right I care, this is all I've known for most of my life and I still feel the same way since day one. I don't think Circuit would be what it is or we wouldn't have a park in Pawtucket if I didn't care the way I do.  To say that I care to much is a understatement.

Im here to support BMX and help it grow in a positive way, not your "energy drink, contest"kind of way but a "get on your bike and make your own fun kind of way".  Not you're "reselling parts on Craigslist and taking from naive newcomers kind of way but actually running a legitimate business" and "giving the BMX community a home" kind of way.

 Im just saying we don't fuck around when it comes to being a Quality BMX Shop!!

Sincerely, the dude at the trails!!! Have a nice day!!!